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Default Re: Embarrassing question


New to trout and you're landing those? KUDO's.

There are about elevenity billion strains of browns, each just slightly different than the other and they will voluntarily cross breed. Generally speaking, if it is not one of the other know trouts, then it is some kind of brown.

Keep in mind that when browns were originally introduced to North America, the strains were amalgamated.

A bigger, darker, sort of deep water, lake dweller from Germany, shorter, stockier and thick-bodied, and not a lot of spots, almost lake-trout niche

Loche Leven trout from Scottland, which are a bit lighter, more the classic "trout" shape, have a lot of big spots, again, slower deeper water tendencies

Another one from Germany, smallish, almost tan-ish, lots of little spots, many colorful, sort of brook trout niche.

I forget the minute details of them, so the descriptions above are a generalization at best.

Like most things sleek, elegant, gracefully, agile and fast, they are also fairly fragile. Look into safe catch&release / reviving procedures and pinch down the barbs on your hooks if you are not using barb-less hooks.

Congrats on the fish. If you weren't hooked before, you should be now.
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