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Default Re: Rio Smallmouth vs Orvis Smallmouth line

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I have heard a few things in the negative catagory when it comes to Rio lines. Is this a new problem, just a certain number of lines....

I have one that is now about 12 years or so old, and has seen more than it's fair share of abuse. I love it, but I can tell it's had about all the abuse it can handle and may need replacing soon. I was thinking about trying to get a close duplicate Rio, but if they are developing a quality problem, I don't think I want to head down that road.
This was at one time a HUGE complaint regarding Rio's Outbound lines especially, I read somewhere that they changed the running line to resolve the issues many were having, but having owned an Outbound with the so called "upgrade", I still do not feel it to be as good as other lines I have used.

I live on a big river so it's not uncommon to have an entire fly line laying on the deck of the boat at my feet and out of all the lines I have ever used, the Outbound gave me the most headaches by far, I never have issues with the running line tangling on my SA Mag Taper, Titan Taper or the SA Mastery non textured Bass Bug Taper.
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