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Default A fishing weekend with the lady

On Wednesday it was the wifeís birthday, we both love fishing and last year we got into fly fishing. We absolutely love it and it is something that we will enjoy for a long time. For the birthday I got her a custom made net called the "The Purple Heart". She loved it and wanted to go fishing on the long weekend. We headed out early on Friday to a place south of us in the Rocky Mountains and spent the whole day wading and fishing. We did not get lucky and did not catch a fish but it was a blast just spending time together and having fun. We drove back and she fell asleep as I got lost in my thoughts and got pulled over for speeding Well it sucked got a nice fine and went on my way, put the car into cruise control for the speed limit and lost myself again in the day that we just had and as I was coming down a huge hill another police officer. Ended up getting another fine as I was "speeding" go figure with my luck. Even though all this happened I did not let it ruin the day we had together and I was as happy as can be.

Next morning we got up a bit late and I asked what her plans were for the day as her family was coming from out of town late in the evening and she said lets go fishing! I was packed ready to go in 15 minutes and we headed off for another round in the same area. The drive was a lot longer as now I paid attention to the speed and didnít drift off in my thoughts and made sure we didnít go faster than the post speed. (Learned my lesson on that one) Got to the river and started fishing as the family was supposed to come at about 9pm. We did not take our cellphones with us and didnít have any way to tell time other than the sun. Again we did not catch any fish we learned a lot figured out what was hatching and used those flies. Walked along the higher banks to spot fish but saw nothing! Fished a few pockets of deep water and still nothing. We had a ton of fun and just wanted to keep going! When we got back to the car and checked the time it was about 7:30pm and we are about 2 hours out still with the drive back.

All in all we tested our equipment and learned a few new things and I am happy with that. The fish will come but we just need to work more on our technique. We tested our new sunglasses and boy what a difference they make. I have a pair of Costa Del Mar's 580 Glass and they are amazing and if you are on the fence to buy these, go for it as you will not be disappointed. I am very happy that we got out there even on colder days and just connected with nature. We saw three people on the river in those two days and it was a very peaceful and fun filled weekend.
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