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Default Re: What brand leader material do you use to build leaders?

Does all of it qualify as a reply? I've used about everything you can think of from Stren to Seaguar, Trilene to Triple Fish and more. In general I've found a softer mono to be best for bulding leaders and I use the formulas that are in general 60%, 20%, 20% to about 50%, 25%, 25% when speaking of butt length, midsection and tippet. General rules are to match leader butt stiffness to your fly line stiffness and drop the butt material down to about 60% fly line tip diameter. From there you decrease to your tippet or class tippet. In saltwater the taper and softness is especially germaine since the wind is always a factor and the fly needs turning over at times into the wind.

For instance here's a good one, all of Trilene Big Game. "Lefty prefers a slightly softer material like Trilene Big Game.
•50% butt section, usually 40#
•1/2 that length in 30#
•1/2 that length in 20#
•18-24 inches of tippet (between #12 - #16)"

When more turnover is needed try lengthing the butt, and mid section a a tad. When less, shorten it. Watch the weather as really hot weather makes soft mono absolutely limp and you may want a bit harder but usually this balances out with the effect it has on your fly line so you just adjust your cast and move on.

Right now I favor Ande for mono tippet or when absolutely clear is needed I go to FC and use Rio or Seaguar. For bite tippet, or shock tippet as some call it, I use FC all the way.
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