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Default Re: Last fly i'll ever tie....

Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
up until the mid 1800's, hooks were made with no eyes. They eyes were formed from twisted silk worm gut.
In fact, right through the early 1900's, blind eye hooks were used as the eyed hooks were 'not fully trusted' as having fish holding ability.

Virtually all classic salmon flies, and early trout flies were tied on blind eye hooks, with gut eyes, or horse hair snells in the case of some trout/bass flies.

Here is another noob question:

Can you tie regular knots (clinch) or do you have to use a special loop type of knot?

Also when you use those flies, what does it look like coming out of the water? The flies you tie look so amazing, but I was wonder what they look like after they get wet.
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