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Default Re: Feather Craft Furled Leaders

I make and use furled leaders, have for several years, I don't suffer with water spray when lifting off to recast anymore than I did when using mono tapered leaders.
The use of a very fine thread is very important, things like Unithread are too coarse IMO.
The other important factor when using them for dry fly, upstream work, which is most of my fishing, is to use red mucilin on them.
The more you use the leaders the better they become, bit like a silk line.
When new I would apply several coats of mucilin paste, and work it well into the thread, this can be done at home.
On arrival at the river, I apply one more coat with the felt pad, and the leader floats nice and high in the water, you may need to apply another rub over after a while, but the more they are used the mucilin will soak into the thread and eventually becomes almost skin like on the leader.
This all sounds like a lot of work, bit it isn't, I am talking seconds to wipe one over, and the resulting effects are well worth it.
I use this.

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