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Default Re: Worm problem!

IMHO, I think that you have to put a little more effort with the tying and presentation?

I out-fish the "bait" boys all the time..... even opening day! You have to use something the trout would hit in a heartbeat. My fave is a tungsten beadhead woolybugger. You have to use high quality marabou and the correct hackle. And you have to use a good fluorocarbon tippet with a small diameter. The bugger has to hop along the bottom and pulsate like crazy!

San Juan worms are only a cheapo imitation that float along and hope a stupid trout will grab it?

A flyrod makes the best presentation! It will out-fish a spin outfit every time! You could use a small live worm on a micro jig-head to build your confidence ..... then switch to a streamer and really catch a lot?

I've been through this, my friend, and when you get the knack ..... your flyrod will rule!
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