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Default Re: Is it really worth it ?

yes it is! I actually hed to sell my smoothbore fusil last year for financial reasons but hope to replace it with a virginia smooth rifle soon. its fun showing people who dont know how you can take game with a flintlock.just last week a friend and Iwho bowhunt together were at a farm we lease pulling some stands. Ihad my rifle with me and set up a shoe box with a 2inch orange dot at 50 yards. rested the rifle on the hood and put two round balls through the dot. he just stood there and looked amazed. you oughta see the looks on the other lease members faces when I drag a deer out in october mz season dressed in buckskin leggings breech clout wool hunting frock and moccasins. meanwhile they are standing there like the cover of a cabelas catalog with there scoped in line. priceless!
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