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Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

Just ran into Tenkara, here, this week because I am on vacation and can surf through forum. Glad I found it here.

I might be missing something, so forgive my ignorance if you would. I’m having a very hard time figuring out how it is not just a different evolution the same basic tech that has lead to our modern graphite rods.

The stuff coming in from over one ocean uses a longer rod and a shorter line. What came over from the other ocean uses a shorter rod and longer line.

Anyhow, have done a lot of experiments in what I call ‘primitive fly fishing’, right down to learning how to plait a tapered line with horse tail. [Deleted the rest of that very overlong post.] Long rods & shorter lines cast differently and have a different range, but you can still drift a pheasant tail nymph on the dark edge of a seam and have fun catching fish. It's just a slightly different solution to the same old problem: "I do not have the fish and I want the fish."

Can someone clue me in here, because this thread looks a lot like:
“This is a dry fly.”
“No! It is not!”
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