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Default Re: Bass Fly Help

Lot of good stuff here.

If you are looking for an effective low cost reel, pick up one of the Medium Cortland Crown II's off Ebay. They're far form expensive. They work well. Drag won't stop a VW, never mind a train, but it will slow down a river run smallie fast enough. Have one on my #7 and have never thought of upgrading it. I use 45 lb test icefishing line as backing becuase it is easier to hold on to on the rare (read as singular) occasion that I get to use it.

Fly size: You tie, so tie up a nice big, over dressed popper with a nice oversized fluffly tail, Bring it to the water and try casting it. Trim it down until it casts well. Bring it home and use it to size the flies you plan on fishing.

Line wise, get a lesser reel and a better line if you have to or want to choose between the two. The reel is a secondary thing mostly - a circular basket to hold the line while you are not using it. The line does work, so to speak.
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