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Default Finally Got'r Done! Ordered NFO Challenger

Well I couldn't be more excited. I just ordered a NFO Challenger X from Dave Scadden. Its I got the frame to go with it so I can put a 4 horse outboard on it. Dave gave me the deal he gave the recent Alaska show which was the best deal of the year he said. I've wanted one of his frameless boats since they came and and now I've got one, but with a frame when I want to use it. I'll be using this baby to drift for trout and steelhead, fish kelp beds for ling cod, fish for stripers and and large mouth in the CA. Delta and more. Its coming with a bunch of other great accessories all for $2499 that retails for $3800. If you all remember anything about me one thing likely I love a good deal. If anyone has been on the fence and has the money you might want to call NFO today, because he is done finishing off the Alaska orders he said the Alaska deals will be over.

Look out Lower Sac, Feather, Yuba, American, and Trinity I'm on my way!

So I said all that to let you all know about the deal, but also to ask which inflatable life vests should I get, which ones are the best bang for your buck!
-Tom Wilson
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