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Ten to twelve weight rods are different beasts and some are superb at casting while many are ugly to cast and wear you down quickly. What I've found is first of all get a rod with a relatively soft tip, no longer than 9 ft but preferably and 8-8'9" length. That soft tip does a several things as it helps get the rod loaded quickly, decreases the effective casting length (think waving a shorter, arm/shoulder saving lever) and gives some extra bend when the fish jumps or lunges. As far as lifting capability, most do that just fine and technique when fighting is far more important. If I can do it with most, in general, I opt for a two piece rod as it's lighter and less to go wrong, but there have been a few very light weight four and five piece rods out there which are the bees knees when flying.. By the way, practice loading and shooting line accurately with a minimum of backcasts for optimum wear and tear on arms, wrists and shoulders.
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