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Default Re: Is it really worth it ?

Lots of answers to my question so far but, I'm still not completely

I do a lot of fishing with spinning rods and bait casting rods. I am very picky about what rods I use. I have really liked rods in the mid-priced range but have been really pleasantly surprised by some rods that were real cheap. One 7 foot ultra-light spinning rod that is really nice is the Daiwa Spinmatic that only cost about 30 dollars. I have yet to find a 7 foot ultra light rod that is as fast as the Daiwa. I have 3 graphite rods with the model name of Renegade. They were on special for 10 to 15 dollars each. They are nicer than some 150 dollar rods I have handled.

Ok....some people have mentioned guitars. I used to have a 1956 Gibson Switchmaster. I now own an El-Degas (early 70's Japan guitar) that is worth less than 1/10 the price of the Gibson yet it plays and sounds just as good and is more versatile than the Gibson. I have a late 60's tube amp made in Italy. This company made Vox amps when the British company could no longer handle the load. I didn't pay much for the amp but I wouldn't take 1000 dollars for my amp because I know that I would have to dish out that much or more to have such a fine sounding amp. There is lots of stuff out there that is just as good as the very expensive stuff. Good stuff that does not need a lifetime guarantee because it doesn't need it. Good stuff that does not have a fancy name. Those fancy names are well known because of all the expensive advertising and sponsoring and guarantees. I have had a couple of Berkley rods replaced for free because I wrote the company and gave them a good reason to have them replaced. They did not have a lifetime guarantee but the company did see that they were flawed.

Will a 700 dollar Sage make me cast 20 feet further and more delicately than my old 100 dollar Fenwick Eagle? On top of that, my Fenwick comes in an aluminum tube so, I would have to be quite negligent to break it.

No....I am far from rich. I am barely scraping by and I have to really pick and choose when replacing anything I own. I do a lot of careful shopping but strangely enough, I never see anything concerning "best bang for the buck in fly rods".

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Originally Posted by shimloom View Post
I have a number of rods in that price range (fly and others) and I can say without a doubt it's worth it. It's not snobbery or showing off it's about performance and the enjoyment of fishing with quality gear. Can I fish with lesser price tag equipment, yes, and I have. But if I can afford to buy the best I do.

Yes....but is it really the best?[COLOR="Silver"]
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