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Default Re: Fountainhead or Tenkara USA

You can fish either brand effectively. I have used both. As far as length, I have fished a 9 foot rod but I have gone back to using my 11-footer for even the tightest stream fishing. I wouldn't recommend going any shorter than 9 foot.

The difference between rods and companies are mostly individual preference and company support. Rods with a higher percent of fiberglass or epoxy are a bit heavier in the hand. I prefer a rod that is 98% or more carbon, but I might be giving up the smallest amount of durability. There is a definite difference in feel between rods, with higher-end rods tending to have a slightly better sensitivity and a lighter feel in the hand. As with most things, you get what you pay for, yet the difference between tenkara rods are perhaps not as critical.

Daniel at Tenkara USA (disclaimer--no commercial ties but we are friends) runs a very good company, with speedy delivery and excellent turnaround on repairs, and donates "1% for the Planet." Two of my three regular use tenkara rods are from his company.

With the two companies you mentioned, and with your desire for shorter rods, take a look at FH Caddis 330, and TUSA Iwana 11.

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