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Default Spey course this weekend...

Long time single hander and have fished all over Canada landing pretty much anything (freshwater) that swims. Living in the Ontario side of the Great Lakes now and have been doing awesome single handing my 10 footer for steels.

BUT, I have been drawn to the call of the 2 the 'look' of the casting mechanism....and last summer I bought a 11' switch as the gateway into 2 handing. I then had contacted a local 'expert' to learn 2 handed techniques...but the wife veto'd that. She appealed to my ego saying "you can't teach yourself that?" (damn her knownig how to get to me).

So, I spent a good part of the winter watching videos, flailing away on the water, having marginal success and learning that videos just can't convey some fundamentals. Basically, i apparently suck at 2 handing though I can cast a mile and half using single handed techniques, 2 handed....HAH.

SO....a local fly shop here is hosting a full day spey course....and I am signed in for it. I am absolutely looking forward to it for sure for I know taking it, will give those pieces I am missing. I also know that this will add to my arsenal. Today....I would say that spey will not be my primary method, single handing long line nymphing will be that.....BUT it will be one more piece....and again, I say that TODAY.

AND, taking the course....wink more reasons to buy more toys! That'll teach the wife for using my ego against me. WOOOoooo.

Updates to come.

King Joe, Outa Here!
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