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Default Re: Fountainhead or Tenkara USA

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
what would be the shortest rod made out there that could still effectively cast properly.
Casting is not the problem. Nissin makes a 6'6" rod that casts beautifully. The problem is that with a shorter rod you pretty much have to fish a shorter line. Otherwise, more of your line will be on the water, subject to drag, and you will have to handline in fish that might not be ready to come in. To fish effectively with a short rod, you have to get closer to the fish, which greatly increases the chance of spooking them. That said, there are streams where you just won't have room to fish an 11' rod, and specific spots or lies in many streams that are too tight for a longer rod. You can collapse a section and choke up, but that is not an ideal solution. The rod rattles and you lose a lot of sensitivity, plus if you happen to hook a large fish you now have a hard spot in the bend, which increases the chance of breakage. Most people choose to just not fish those tight streams or walk past those tight lies. If you want to fish them anyway, and fish them effectively, you'll do better with a shorter rod. I've fished rods shorter than 9', and would put the lower limit shorter than Softtouch333 does, but not much shorter. I would put the shortest length effective for tenkara fishing at 2.4 meters (just under 8'), but only for the smallest, tightest streams. By the time you get to 2.7-3 meter rods (9-10') you have rods that will work for small brushy streams with overhead canopy. Understand also that neither the TenkaraUSA 11' Iwana or the Fountainhead 330 are actually 11'. Both are much closer to 10'6".
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