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Default Re: Is it really worth it ?

what I was alluding to was this...and wanted to leave it up to most folks common sense...but I left out one major point...mainly because I was trying very hard not to go over a line with shops...since I think they are a very important part of the pursuit...a place I hate see losing their grip due to the internet...similar to what home depot etc has done to the small hardwares stores I grew up with...or the old school lumber yards where you actually knew the guy behind the counter...and the guy in the yard that helped load up your truck...

God help us if Fly Fishing is brought us to that fishing shops are , and have been a very serious back bone of the pursuit...a credit card transaction on a computer screen isnt the same...and will never be.

ditto the remark by Frank...its cheesy to try out the sage one in a shop...then buy it from cabelas or similar...

but that said...a rod that retails for 200 dollars generally costs a shop 100-125...the actual cost for a distributor or mfg is probably half that...just say 60-65 dollars...actual value in object less markups etc.

a 700 dollar rod the sells to a shop for 375-400 costa about 200 to make...only 135 dollars difference at cost from the lesser priced unit...but 500 or better in retail.

this was my main reason to start building my own rods many years ago...I cant make waders, boots , hooks or reels...and they kill us on the fly lines too...but I wanted to try and bend the curve in my direction a bit...I love my Simms gear...but if I was paying out for the high priced waders would always have leaks...

the real answer for anyone that makes or builds things...get as close to the raw material as possible...thats what I have done for decades in my cabinet and furniture work...buying an oak board at home depot is pretty pricy...but buying it in bulk and in the rough, planing it yourself saves a considerable amount...

and if someone gave me a masserati...first thing I would do was go to home depot and buy two things...a 4X8 sheet of ply wood...and a can of spray paint...and spray "4 Sale" all the best...t

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