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Default Re: Tarpon: Crabs vs. flies

Originally Posted by mrfzx View Post
Hook: 4/0 -6/0 Satinless
Thread: Red or Black Kevlar or GSP
Tail: Red Crystal Flash
Over-tail: 12 Black Schlapen feathers (tied to flare)
Wing: Glow Flash-a-bou (glow in the dark)
Over-wing: Silver Flash-a-bou
Collar: Red Marabou
Eyes: Ex-Large lead dumbell, or 3/8 inch brass w/ holo eye stickers
Glue: ***important***we put super-glue on each layer, let dry well, then laquer with your favorite, I like "hard as hull".
And I would like a side of baked potato with that steak. That is a whopper. In my area all the tarpon for much of the year are at the bridge or pass, so not sight fishing very much. What WT line to you need to fling that sucker?
Good luck on the game!
"Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham
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