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Default Re: Shenandoah National Park in Winter

Nice report!

Spot burn ...... Snot burn! I don't see what the problem is when some post beautiful pix of beautiful trout water?

Even if someone can tell where the fish was caught ..... do you think they will go there the next day and snag all the fish and toss them on the bank?

I live in PA, and I'll never get to fish there, but the pix get me excited about fly fishing! I carry a camera and take pix of almost every fish I catch ..... and release!

So many wonderful memories of my fly fishing trips are saved for me to watch on my computer or TV whenever the mood strikes me! I've posted a lot of pix on other sites, and never a problem? only friendly people wanting to hookup with me and do some fly fishing!

You guys shouldn't blast everyone who posts a report with pix ..... or this site will go downhill fast?

only my 2 cents!
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