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Default Re: Any casting differences between WF and DT lines?

I wonder how many potential fly fishermen were turned off because they had fly lines that did not match their particular rod. Add to that the fact that most fly fishermen do not have the budget to buy different lines in order to get the best match for their rod.

I once had a rod made of boron. That was at least 20 years ago. It was a rod sold by the company called "Indian Bay" .... a company known for selling very inexpensive fishing equipment. I used a rocket taper line on this rod. Anyway....short casts were next to impossible but when came time to make longer casts, the rod started to shine. It was a very stiff rod. If I knew then what I know now, I would have used a heavier line on this rod. However, I lost half of the rod in a bad thunderstorm. I was in my canoe and a guy offered to tow me with his boat and motor. The tip of the rod fell over board and he couldn't hear me telling him to stop. In any event, I doubt that rod part floated and it was getting dark. I didn't pay much for the rod but I sure would like to try that rod out again.

Who knows, maybe my Fenwick Eagle would feel better with a heavier line. I'm anxious to try it out with a Rio Gold fly line I recently bought.
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