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Default Re: Lodging & Guide at Henry's Fork & Firehole River area?

Originally Posted by lostinmt View Post
Give the Guys at Henry's Fork Anglers (Mike Lawson's shop) a call. You will probably get Chris when you call (208-558-7525). You can book a trip with them and they can take you on the Henrys Fork or are licensed to run trips in Yellowstone on the Firehole.

Very professional outfit and will get you lined out for fishing in the area.
Much appreciated for the advise.

I have another question on tackle. Can I assume that 4 and 5wt rods will meet most of my needs at Henry's fork and the Firehole? I'll bring along a 6wt just in case. Also, do the guides in that area mind if their clients fish with Bamboo rods?

Thanks & Best Regards
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