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Question Re: Custom Sage Eddie Bauer Limited Edition LL 590-3

Thanks all for your comments.

Yes, based on the logo and absence of the "B" for blank, I suspect this rod was actually "finished" as a custom rod by Sage and sold by EB in their store. Therefore, the rod would have been "customized" at the factory and not have been done by an outside "custom" rod maker ...? This would change everything with regards to warranty and possibly value since Sage would backup any problems or reconditioning if this was the case. Could it make it more desirable paricularly since it is a Light Line series rod???

I did find a few comments on some old online discussion threads that hint that these were very expensive rods made by Sage (above the price of the factory production rods)...? I also sent an inquiry to Sage customer service and am waiting to hear back. I'm going to try and post a picture of the logo to see if this helps in the ID and sparks anyone's memory.
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