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Default Re: Lodging & Guide at Henry's Fork & Firehole River area?

Just for the record, there is no way that the Firehole will be fishable in July this year. We're looking at around and 85% of normal snowpack and I expect the Firehole to start getting streaky between June 20 and June 25 and be done in the famous section below the Old Faithful closure even in the morning no later than July 4 and perhaps earlier, depending on how runoff progresses and how hot it gets after June 20. Last year had similar snow conditions and I ran my last trip on the Firehole on June 27, and only did that because my client absolutely had to be picked up and dropped off at Old Faithful. We fished a couple hours early at Muleshoe Bend and by the time we left (about 11:00) the water was already hitting 70 degrees. After that we fished above the closure.

The upper water above the Old Faithful closure will still be cold in July, but it has mostly small fish up to Kepler Cascades and all small fish above --it's basically just a mountain creek upstream from the geysers.

Of course, the average fish even in the famous section of the Firehole is only 6-12 inches and anything over 15 inches is huge. The main draws of fishing there are the geysers and the consistent June, September, and October hatches.

As a guide, I will say that many of us will object to cane rods if they aren't suitable for the conditions. A 7'6" 4 weight just doesn't have enough backbone to handle the wind here or enough length for effective mending, etc. at range. If you have something like an 8'6" Granger you will be fine, but an eight-footer or shorter is best left to the creeks around here unless the wind is dead calm or you intend to swing soft hackles everywhere. I would make exactly the same objections to too short and/or too light graphite rods.

If you intend to fish out of a boat at all, you really need a 9' 6 weight, 9' 5 at the very least. I do a majority of my fishing with a 9' 6 weight and only fish lighter than five on small creeks and/or when I know I won't be fishing larger flies or weight/indicators.
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