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Default Re: Rods breaking on first use

Originally Posted by bigjim5589 View Post
No matter how well a manufacturer handles a rod on their end, once it leaves them, it's at the mercy of shippers & others who have to handle the rod until it's at the retailers. Even if the rod is sold direct, their is still a degree of handling, and again, if shipped, at the mercy of the shipper. Shippers are not always kind to anything they handle!

Graphite & the various other hi-tech materials used in fly rods & other rods are relatively brittle & fragile. They can take stresses for which they're designed, but not impacts.

I completely agree with you 100%. Rods now and days tend to be graphite/carbon fiber/etc. These materials that are used is what gives the blank a light and power character. Only thing is "IF" the blank gets a nick. It may not pop now BUT it will pop at some point.
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