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Default "Classic" models better than "New" models?

I am an admitted fly rod fanatic. I am always buying and trying new and different rods. Some of the newer models are pretty nice. But, when it comes to casting and fishing, the rods that I love the most are "Classics". I am appreciating them more and more all of the time.

I prefer the Sage RPL and LL, the G Loomis GLX (original), and the Winston IM6 over the newer Sages (XP, Z-Axis, ZXL,One, Circa), G Loomis (Streamdance and NRX) and Winston (Boron II's and III's). These "Classic" models often seem to be just right. with a great balance of talents. The "New" models may be a little stiffer/softer in different places, and maybe lighter, but seem to have become more specialized.

I often wonder if the "New" isn't really an improvement, but just new to generate sales. The performance capabilities of the newer models don't seem to be any better than the classic models, and definitely more limited in some cases. I don't know if I am a "Luddite" or not. I usually like new shiny stuff, but these classic rod models speak to me best and are my favorites.
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