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Default Striper Shadness?

Well Spring is here and the shad are running in the Potomac. Last year I crushed them, but while fishing a rocky drop off on the shore(Which is a lot of the Potomac right above DC) a striper tail made a huge splash about 5 feet away. I assume it was feeding on the river herring running about the rocks. I would much enjoy catching a striper while shad fishing but don't know how to approach the situation. The river edge is extremely rocky and it drop to the bottom like your standing on a cliff. Also, it is more narrow than the rest of the river and therefore flows faster. I have a 9 weight TFO professional II with a lamson guru and a floating wf line. Plenty of room to cast, too. What do you guys think I should do?

PS. I can tie most flies so please recommend patterns.

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