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Default Re: House Buying in the USA

I was a realtor for a number of years and most of what has been said it the truth.
I also worked in construction remodeling homes for a number of years.

That being said, do not feel obligated in making the seller fix these things before the purchase. If you are getting FHA they will not loan on a house like that. A lot of the time sellers that are under pressure to fix it before they sell it use the cheapest methods to fix the issues. They are moving what do they care.
Most likely the seller cant afford to fix the house and does not have enough equity to sell the house for a great deal. That means you are stuck without a house.
The only way this will work is if the seller owes less on the note than what the repairs will cost + time to fix these issues. I doubt that is the case or they would be fixed.

If the seller has enough equity to drop the price, the only other recommendations would be to have a licensed general contractor look the place over and leave you an itemized list of fixes. Also note that you will be managing this whole process so you should be close by. If you live fare away and can't be there on a daily basis I would say to walk away.

Good luck and remember leave emotions out of this decision.
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