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Default It Can Be Done!

I'll add my 'Good Luck' to the other posts and tell you a little about how I dealt with the past 30 years or so. There are many details I won't touch on but you'll get the basics from it.

When I had a company job I began applying for an unpaid leave of absence every January from 1981 - 1986. The company granted me 6 weeks twice and 4 weeks 3 times. My office scheduler allowed me to take the leaves in conjunction with my paid time off that accumulated for years of service.

That strategy made it possible to piece together 6 and 9 week periods of time during which I did what you are talking about. I traveled to Newfoundland and many other places that would have been impossible otherwise with a 2 week vacation. I traveled via motorcycle and through those years racked up over 70,000 miles of trout & salmon biking and camping. I quit my job in 1988 and left for Alaska in May of 1989 where I took a job as a commercial fisherman and then fished my way home to Pennsylvania when the season ended in the fall of 89'.

By 1993 I started my own little business and kept my schedule in line so that I could travel and fish many days and weeks each year. I lived in an area where you could fish every day after finishing your work responsibilities so things were good.

By 2004 I had managed to have lived for 50 years and decided to pick one of the places I had enjoyed while fishing there and to move to that location. Colorado was that place but not long after getting settled in I was contacted by a friend in Alaska and offered a 90 day position in that state again. I left within a week but the 90 days turned into 9 years. The job allowed me to earn enough to grubstake myself here after 2 years and so.............. I resigned and started my own little business again. During my first 14 months here in Alaska, even though I was earning enough money to rent a place I took one room as a boarder for 300 dollars a month. I lived in a home that had a husband - wife - and three kids for 14 months. It was hectic, but it allowed me to save almost everything I earned. I had brought my old Ford truck up here and so was able to wander around at will. In January of 06 I bought a Kawasaki KLR 650 that gets 52 mpg and then really got wandering.

At the age of 52 I got married and continued working my thing until last year. Of course I fished as many days as possible over the years because my work had no real schedule and I set the hours. Last year we made a capital investment in another business venture (small business) and it will take a couple years to develop the business but if all is well I will be able to fish and run the rivers from ice out until freeze up every season until I am too old to do it.

Why say all of that? I guess it's to show that you can do it. You may experience hard times and you better be able to rough it when you have to. When I was just starting my business in Pennsylvania back in 1993 - 94, I rented a 'Hay Loft' for $50.00 a month and I lived in that hay loft with my dog for a year until I had enough money to rent a house with a shop and pay all the expenses of my business as well.

It was tough, I did have furniture in the barn but there was no heat or water. The $50 rent was actually for use of a shower stall in the garage of the property owner that I was able to use. The good news was that the barn was right beside Lycoming Creek and I could fish whenever I wasn't working.

It can be done. I'll be 59 in a few months and have been all over the Continent fishing, 45 states and 9 provinces of Canada. You just have to want it,


Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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