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Default Re: Starting a club at my University!

Greetings... good luck on your new endeavor..

I have no direct knowledge of UM practices, but I am familiar with other schools having participated in the founding of several student clubs..

First, contact the agency on campus that oversees clubs -- Student Affairs, Student events or something like that. They will have established procedures for organizing. You will likely need to supply a roster (and you'll need more than two members), a slate of officers, and, eventually, a set of by-laws governing the club.

Second, you will likely need a faculty advisor. Scour the Biology and Entomology Departments. These are quite large at UM and you may find a willing faculty. Kinesiology programs or Leisure studies may also harbor fly fishers. If you find a biology or entomology prof willing to advise you may be able to get them to support the club via academics. Check out the fly tying class offered through the Dept. of Entomology at Texas A&M.

Having done this you should be rewarded with official status and a small amount of funds for start-up. You may also be able to submit a funding request for gear. An outdoor club I worked with got funds for first aid kits, maps, backpacking stoves, flashlights, water purification kits, and other safety related items. Official status may provide liability insurance as well though you need to check this carefully.

Also, spend a few minutes searching the net for clubs at other Universities: Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania schools have clubs some of which have been around a long while. They can provide good models for both organization and activities.

As for gear: talk to your local fly shop or local TU chapter and discuss discounts or donations. Or contact a big company like BassPro or Cabelas each of which have programs that supply gear to educational non-profits One of the big manufacturers --TFO springs to mind-- may also donate gear.

TU National has a program for college clubs. Give them a call and ask advice. Its called the Five Rivers Program.

All your fund raising ideas are ok... but remember while UM has a lot of students, many of them are notoriously poor!

Good luck on this... Be forewarned that while this is a worthwhile endeavor with many potential rewards, it can be very time-consuming. Make sure you have club officers willing to accept delegated responsibility so that all the work of planning, fundraising, promoting, etc, doesn't fall on your shoulders alone.

Send me a pm if you have questions.

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