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Default Re: Starting a club at my University!

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Nice! I started fly fishing living in Ann Arbor. Trips out of state could be fun but you have a lot of great fishing in Michigan. Have an event on the Huron at Delhi park. Great place for smallies. There's a huron river fly fishing club, might be worth seeing if you could link up with them. Depending on when you're going fishing could be fun to go camp in the early summer and try to catch the Hex hatch.
Both my friend and I actually grew up in Ann Arbor as well, and both of us live ~1 mile from Delhi. We for sure will have trips in Michigan planned. Michigan has pretty much every type of fishing available except saltwater fishing. I'll look into the Huron River Fly Fishing Club. Would be interesting to talk to them. Thanks for the advice!

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
Congratulations on your new endeavors. It sounds like you're on the right track by having TU and local fly shops involved.

My first thought is why go out of state when there are plenty of great options for fly fishing somewhere in Michigan?

As for events, tying classes/informal sessions, casting clinics and trips are all great ideas. Maybe have some folks come in and give a presentation about hatches, streams/rivers, in Michigan, species of fish to target. Perhaps someone from the DNR can come in and provide a presentation on conservation.

Fundraisers...why not use the tying sessions and sell some of the flies? Perhaps you could get a deal on some cheap boxes and put X number of flies in them. You might remember the Orvis add, 10 flies for $9.99? Not saying you have to go that cheap, but just a thought.

Car washes when the weather breaks might get you some money, I did lots of them and they were generally very successful. Maybe having T Shirts made up?

Not sure how to go about starting a club like this, I'll let the resident experts chime in on that I think we had one or two members start a club, you might consider using the search feature to find some previous posts and send a PM to those individuals.

Again, congratulations best of luck with your club and enjoy life in Ann Arbor!
The fly tying for fundraising is a great idea! We've already had a little contact with the DNR, but that would be a good idea to ask if they ad anyone pretty local who could give a presentation on conservation. Conservation of waters is one thing our club is interested in for sure. Thank you!

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
The others have given some good ideas. One other thing is look to tap into the knowledge of your local fly shop and see if they would be willing to give a presentation on the local waters, hatch charts or maybe a beginners fly casting clinic. We have a member "fishingfly" (Corbin Hart) that started a fly fishing club at Auburn University, see the thread below, but I would recommend getting in touch with him, send a PM or through their FB page. You might also do the same with your local TU chapter and ask them to do a presentation on past and present stream restoration projects that they have been involved in. You might also tap into some of the local fly fishing guides in your area to see if they would be willing to give a presentation on the waters that they fish. Best of luck!

Fly Giveaway

Our TU Chapter (Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited) has been extremely generous and has already offered to do presentations, casting and tying clinics with us, which is awesome.

When I was searching around the internet the Auburn club did catch my eye, but I hadn't contacted any of them yet. I actually sent emails to other university fly club's officers just yesterday. I will definitely look to get in contact with Corbin.

I never thought of the guide idea, but that's a great idea and I'll see if I can talk to some of them. Thanks for the help!

Originally Posted by dhaynes View Post
Greetings... good luck on your new endeavor..

I have no direct knowledge of UM practices, but I am familiar with other schools having participated in the founding of several student clubs..

First, contact the agency on campus that oversees clubs -- Student Affairs, Student events or something like that. They will have established procedures for organizing. You will likely need to supply a roster (and you'll need more than two members), a slate of officers, and, eventually, a set of by-laws governing the club.

Second, you will likely need a faculty advisor. Scour the Biology and Entomology Departments. These are quite large at UM and you may find a willing faculty. Kinesiology programs or Leisure studies may also harbor fly fishers. If you find a biology or entomology prof willing to advise you may be able to get them to support the club via academics. Check out the fly tying class offered through the Dept. of Entomology at Texas A&M.

Having done this you should be rewarded with official status and a small amount of funds for start-up. You may also be able to submit a funding request for gear. An outdoor club I worked with got funds for first aid kits, maps, backpacking stoves, flashlights, water purification kits, and other safety related items. Official status may provide liability insurance as well though you need to check this carefully.

Also, spend a few minutes searching the net for clubs at other Universities: Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania schools have clubs some of which have been around a long while. They can provide good models for both organization and activities.

As for gear: talk to your local fly shop or local TU chapter and discuss discounts or donations. Or contact a big company like BassPro or Cabelas each of which have programs that supply gear to educational non-profits One of the big manufacturers --TFO springs to mind-- may also donate gear.

TU National has a program for college clubs. Give them a call and ask advice. Its called the Five Rivers Program.

All your fund raising ideas are ok... but remember while UM has a lot of students, many of them are notoriously poor!

Good luck on this... Be forewarned that while this is a worthwhile endeavor with many potential rewards, it can be very time-consuming. Make sure you have club officers willing to accept delegated responsibility so that all the work of planning, fundraising, promoting, etc, doesn't fall on your shoulders alone.

Send me a pm if you have questions.
Thanks for the detailed reply!

We have most of the administrative stuff out of the way already. We have an adviser and other members who signed our charter (we needed 10 people, so we have ~5 actual members and the rest are friends).

I just reached out to the other university fly clubs I found through Google yesterday and have already heard back from Penn State. I asked what the general infrastructure of their club was so I could get an idea of a base for our club.

I have never heard of the Five Rivers Program. It sounds interesting so I'll definitely look into it.

I've already been in contact with Allen Fly Fishing. I'll see what I can do to get in touch with the other companies.

Haha notoriously poor is going to be our biggest problem! Having (hopefully) and bunch of beginners will be great, but we also need gear for them!

Thank you for the helpful reply!
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