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Originally Posted by runningfish View Post
Being a newbie, I read and compared of almost all the reel specs when I looked for a new reel 2-3 months ago. I checked on the F1 as well, but 1st the weight of the reel. 2nd the price turned me around just like a fish spooked by my bad cast.

The Evo LT 4 was more palatable for me but the Allen Kraken 3 came from behind and won the race.
You certainly ended up with a fine reel. I agree that the price of the F1 (and the Hatch for that matter) is prohibitive to many cost-conscious consumers. I managed to get mine for a significant discount and suspect more retailers will follow suit.

Regarding the weight issue, I believe people are scared off for unwarranted reasons. The recent trend has been toward lighter pole and reels, so people see the heaviest reel in its class as a bad thing. But even with a modern, lighter rod (as mentioned at the end of my review), a fully-loaded F1 will barely balance the rod. People seem to forget that a rod that is 1/3 the weight of the reel still has an enormous amount of leverage at 9' long. Again, I can't for the life of me understand what people think "balance" means when they are match a 3oz. reel to a 3oz. rod.
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