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Default Reel Balance - An Objective Truth or Personal Prefernce?

This is an invitation for forum members to discuss their notion of "balance" for their rods and reels. Having just purchased a Ross F1 #3, and also owning a Hatch Finatic 3 Plus, I'm acutely aware of the endless opinions that both reels are too heavy to balance modern, light-weight rods. This leaves me wondering whether anyone has actually fitted a rod with these heavier reels and found the outfit imbalanced, or whether the mere concept of the objectively greater weight scares people without even trying them. Consider the following.

My Ross F1 is loaded with Rio Grande WF6 and @150 yrds. backing. The reel alone weighs 6.5oz (which is the same weight as the similarly sized Hatch Finatic 5 Plus). When placed on my Scott S4 9' 6wt., which weighs 3.0oz, the outfit is perfectly balanced over my index finger within a half inch behind the front of the cork grip (and this without line through the guides), which is the natural position for my index finger when casting. Clearly the leverage created by the length of the rod demands a significantly heavier reel, yet I constantly read about 3-4oz. reels on similarly weighted rods as being "balanced." What does "balanced" mean to you?
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