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Default Re: Reel Balance - An Objective Truth or Personal Prefernce?

The latest rod I obtained is a Sage 379 LL GII. I have a Redington Drift 3/4 reel that I got for it. They are machined alum., and are light for the money etc.

I spooled up some RIO WF3F Trout LT on it, strung the line thru the guides and it still felt butt heavy. I'm not sure how much backing I have on the spool, but I always leave enough room for when I reel in the line, if it stacks a bit it won't rub on the frame.

I have a Redington Drift 2/3 for my Sage SPL 282. So I got an extra spool for it, put the 3wt line on it, put it on the LL , strung the line and it feels so much better. It balances as your rod does for you, about an inch or so behind the front of the grip.

When casting I can feel the rod more, instead of feeling like I have a counter weight behind my hand. The difference in the listed reel weight is only.2 oz, but it sure feels like more. But then I'm not able to get nearly the backing on the 2/3, compared to the 3/4.

So to answer your question; balance to me is being able to feel the rod flexing, loading etc., not feeling like I have a counter weight behind my hand.
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