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Default Where are all the fish

I have been out fishing a bunch of times to all the spots I caught them last year. Its been cold but we have had a few nice days. I've seen some midge hatches and a ton of adult stoneflies all over the sides of the rivers and the bridges but haven't seen any sign of fish or any bites. I haven't tried any brooks or lakes yet as they are not completely unthawed yet. A few people have caught some big browns one 19 1/2 " and 1 26" underneath a big waterfall. I have just been fishing small streams and medium size rivers. And the deep holes where smaller streams run into the bigger rivers. Are the fish in deep water like lakes this time of year? Ive been scanning the rivers from the edges and the bridges and can't see any. And have been having problems with my leaders and eyes on my fly poles freezing up. Any help locating trout in these weather conditions would be really nice. its been around 45-50 degrees during the day and cold at night. thanks
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