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Default Re: Sandy River Spey Clave

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
I hear you Bro., I hear you.

Back story for all of these is I 'invented' the concept a decade and change back. Another friend (whose name completley escapes me for the moment) ran through the 'idea.' Idea was 'Who knows shxt about casting/fishing with a 2hander?'

First was to be in Southern Oregon, on the Rogue. 'How do people get there? Etc. Lets do this on the Sandy River and ask Mark B (flyfishusa) to help us get the rod reps involved.


With some grumbling, Mark did and the rest is history. First was 50'ish people, 2handers out of car trunks/rod reps out of the back of a beat up pick-up truck (Lamiglass). Oxbow, and lots of single malts were ... how shall say? ... consumed over the weekend.

Brotherhood, a "Band of Brothers?"

Me thinks, me thinks? A good thing.


Still cringe when I see the word "Clave" without a ' before the word as its a contratation of the word 'conclave.'
Good Times! You Going this year??
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