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Default Last Minute Trip To Yosemite Conundrum

Okay I'm at the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite staying two nights. It was a last minute thing. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit, but in all my 50 years of living in Sacramento County this is my first visit to Yosemite.

I came up Sonora today to see a 2010 4hp Merc for my new NFO boat which I purchased and then decided to visit Yosemite. By the way I originally placed the order for the Challenger with the frame. I've got to say Dave Scadden is a really great guy, for some reason even though I have most of the money still in my bank account from selling my home my bank was not approving the purchase. So finally I was going to the bank to get a cashiers check I could send up to Dave. This whole time Dave has been ridiculously patient. During our last conversation he and I began talking and together we came to the conclusion I really do not need the challenger and the Rampage since I don't need to take two people. The max motor he said he can recommend on the rampage is 4hp - and now I'm at this incredibly fancy lodge.

So back to my reason for this thread, I cannot decide whether I should go fishing while I'm up here as I've never fished this part of the Sierras or if I should just go visit Yosemite National Park and see all the beauty in person that I've only seen in pictures. I check out of the Tenaya on Saturday so unless I decide to stay an additional night I don't really have the time to fish and sight see.

So for anyone that knows this area which river or stream would you recommend up in either inside or outside the park.
-Tom Wilson
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