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Default Re: Reel Balance - An Objective Truth or Personal Prefernce?

From what I'm reading, it seems that several of you also prefer to have the rod balance when placed over your index finger near the tip of the group (give or take an inch in location I assume). This again leaves me wondering why people seeking a balanced outfit are so concerned about the weight of a Hatch or Ross reel. As discussed, a loaded 6.5oz reel balances a 9' 3oz rod. How would a Lamson Velocity 2 possibly balance that rod, or any similar rod, when the reel weighs in at 3.7oz (I only pick on that reel because it seems very popular on these boards and seems to be a popular choice for the S4)? The difference in weight is essentially the weight of the rod! Anyone with a similarly light reel set-up care to weigh in?

BTW, this is not an attempt to disparage light reels or defend heavy reels, if such designations can even be ascribed. I tend to agree that an overall lighter outfit is more pleasant to fish (though I imagine some would disagree). It just makes me wonder if reels generally have outpaced rods in weight reduction without considering how they balance a rod.
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