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Default Re: Drag on a fly reel

Originally Posted by spinsheet View Post
That was another question that I had! When do you reel in a fish and when do you just pull in the stripped line? I guess it's all a matter of the size of the fish and personal preference?
I actually changed the way I play fish based on this question myself not long ago. For the first couple of year I played fish entirely by lining by hand. I got into a couple of big fish, but not a ton, broke one big rainbow off because I played it poorly. About 3/4 months ago I went on a guided trip to get some help from a pro and he got me fighting fish with the reel. It's dramatically increased my fighting abilities, especially with bigger fish.

You're right, 97% of the fish I catch (trout mostly) I don't need to put on the reel but I do it any way just to practice on the reel for when I land that monster

The exception is when I'm fishing small creeks for wild fish, I pretty much always line those fish in because there's generally so little line out anyways.
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