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Default Re: How far could you cast with these set ups?

If you can, get someone to take some video of your casting. Watch the video. Compare to what you see on youtube. Find the flaw. Find the correction. Practice and repeat.

While practicing, be sure to turn around and watch you back cast

Distance is a good tool to have in the box, but for me accuracy and delicacy are far more important. Then again I fish a lot of smaller rivers and streams. On my favorite pieces of water, a 60' cast would put me 30'-40' up the opposite bank.

When I can, I use a roll cast pick-up and then am kind of, almost violent on the back cast. Haul and roll cast. Fly pops up. Line running over index finger and a sharp 12' -16" haul. pin the line against the grip. Slide hand up the line and grab. Just before the fore cast, rip another 12" - 16" of line back in. Then a sharp motion to get the rod tip to 10 o-clock. Drop the line of the rod hand index finger and control how much line shoots out with your line hand.

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure I have caught more fish with a shorter, more precise cast and a little stealth than I have trying to reach out too far to present a fly to them.
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