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Default Opinions on a few rods for Northern Pike

Hi there I've recently picked up my new 6wt outfit and am looking forward to my included lesson. Meanwhile I have a trip planned for early June in Quebec's Gouin Reservoir. I'll need something heavier for casting big flies and so I'm shopping for rod number 2. My plan is to find a discontinued or previous year's model of an otherwise "higher but not high-end" rod. This way if for some reason I don't like it, it will be easier to unload in local classifieds. My hunt so far has uncovered these deals which I think might represent good value and or make for a fun rod to hang on to.
St. Croix Legend Elite 9wt from the US for around 300 CDN or "make an offer"
St. Croix Legend Ultra U909.4 from the US (I'm in montreal) for around 220CDN
Sage Vantage 8wt 2007-890 (2pc) 179.98 CDN from Canada
Sage Flight 8wt 2006-890 (2pc) 229.98 CDN Also from canada

The 2 piece thing doesn't bother me much, any time I'm pike fishing I'll have my 6'3" one piece walleye jig rod with me anyways....

Any thoughts on the above rods/deals? Are any of them likely to be harder than the others for a beginner to control? Any opinions of 9wt vs 8wt primarily for northerns, but maybe for salmon or steelhead if I ever get the chance? So far I'm leaning towards offering 250 for the Elite...thoughts?

The local Orvis store is having a 40% off sale on BBS reels so I'll probably put one of those on. The other option I have is they have a Clearwater rod/Access reel package in 8wt with backing and line for 380...However I kind of prefer the idea of having a US made higher end package from a few years back for around the same price...Unless you guys tell me my logic is flawed and there have been such advances in the last few years that the current model clearwater is a superior product...

Thanks for any opinions

Thanks much
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