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Default Newbie reel question

I have just started fly fishing for trout, having done it a few times many years ago as a kid. I am taking a local class and will be heading off to the Owens Valley soon for actual on-the-water fun. I bought an inexpensive 8 1/2 foot Cabela's 5-weight travel rod but I have a question about a reel. I happen to already possess a Hardy reel called a JLH Ultralite Golden which I would like to use but it is a 7-weight reel. Is this mismatch of sizes a problem? I read online that rod, line and reel weight should all match, but then again some people have told me that it doesn't matter that much, that the JLH is a light reel anyway, and in short I shouldn't worry about it. I would like to know for definite whether it will be okay. Otherwise I will have to find another reel in the next week or two.

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