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Default New Reel for BVK 5wt

Hello all. First time to post in the forums although I've been reading here for a little while.
I recently purchased a BVK 5wt that I will be using for trout. I am trying to decide on a reel to go with the new rod. Most of the fish that I am able to get to in my area are between 12" and 24". The short list of reels that I have now consists of the Hardy U DD 3000, Ross Evo 1.5, and Galvan Torque. I have ruled out the Lamson Litespeed due to some of the issues that I have read about regarding the wide shallow arbor. After speaking to some local fly shop employees, I have heard that the machining specs on the Galvan aren't quite as tight as the other 2 and that the Hardy does not compare quite as well to others in this price range.
I was wondering if the experts here might help with their input. Unfortunately, I don't have a shop close by that carry's Hardy, but it is the one I am leaning towards at the moment.
I appreciate any input that you can provide and look forward to your responses.
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