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Default Re: New member from Sault Michigan...

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Welcome! Michigan is a wonderful state (four out of five Great Lakes agree ) I don't know specific spots as I only fished south of the bridge and just a bit north of Wisconsin. But hopefully someone will chime in. Also, don't pass up a chance to fish smallmouth in rivers. Not sure of spots near you, but if you find a wade-able river with smallies they are a blast.

If you haven't read the Nick Adams Stories by Hemingway, you should. They are not only great stories but a good bit of them happen in the U.P and involve some fishing. However, the Big Two Hearted River that Nick fishes isn't the one you see on the map. It's the Fox and Seney is only about 1.5 hours from you. Never fished it but always wanted to when we crossed it on our way from the bridge to Northern Wisconsin.
Hi William,

Yes, I am aware of all that and have read pretty much all of the UP stories I could get my hands on. A lot of Hemingway, Traver/Voelker, McGuane, etc.

I have been here over 4 years now and have fished pretty much all of the available rivers within a few hours driving distance on the US side, including in the lower penninsula. I have done a lot of smallmouth fishing too but it doesn't appeal to me very much.

That is why I'm posting here on the Canadian side of the forum. I am hoping to get on the other side of the border this year and start exploring what that area has to offer in the way of brook trout/salmon. As I stated, I already do quite a bit of fishing on the Ontario side in the St. Mary's Rapid, in Sault Ontario. Now I want to go beyond and explore the rest of the Algoma District.
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