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Default Re: Arrrrgggghhhhh! And I'm no Pirate!

Just wanted to follow up. Six of my buddies and their kids camped out Friday night with me next to the creek. It rained pretty hard the day before so the water was very high and fast. It got pretty chilly over night, the thermometer read 32F when I woke up at 530 to stoke up the fire. Of course we could not fish until 8AM as is PA state law on opening day here, and I could not have been more proud of several of the boys camped with us. About 630, a guy i never saw before comes walking in, which is perfectly allowed on our property, but he walked straight to the creek made a cast. I was busy with the bacon on the fire, and didn't notice him start to fish, but the boys sure saw him! I heard one of them yell, "hey buddy what are you doing?" and the guy replied that he was fishing. Three of the older boys gathered and yelled back that the season sin't open until 8AM. The guy kept fishing and said it was "Okay, that he was friends with the property owner." LOL! The boys looked back at me, and I shook my head "no". I started to walk towards where the boys sere standing and then I stopped, thinking I wanted to see how they would handle it. The oldest boy yelled at the guy (it was hard to hear over the water sdo he had to yell), "I don't care if you're the Governor, you can't fish until 8AM!" By then the guy saw that we had gathered to watch what was happening, and he yelled at us,"You had better get your ___##$% kids under control." That was too much, and I told him in no uncertain terms that "The ___##$% kids were under control, I am the owner of this property, you're a liar, and you have about 30 seconds to vacate." He left. We all spent a few minutes lauding the kiddos for standing up for what was right, and then we all had bacon, eggs, and my special open-fire, dutch oven, peach cobbler for breakfast.

I had to leave at 9AM for my baseball tournament, but I did get to see my buddy's 5 year old catch his first trout. Not on a fly, but his first solo trout none-the-less. We lost the first game to a team from Ohio, Alliance HS. We won the second game over a team from Frostburg, MD called Mountain Ridge. The tournament ended at about 6PM, and I managed to get about 30 minutes of fishing in before dark. Caught 2 nice brownies, and wrote it off as one of the best opening far!

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