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Default Re: TFO Custom Rod Shop

Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
They do not cheat you out of a rod tube. They charge you only for the rod,,,and in the event you have travel cases as lots of us do,,,and store you rods in them with reel attached,,,you do not have to (and this is nice) pay for one more rod tube you dont really need. The round rod tubes,,aren't so important to everyone,,I'd about as soon all rod manufacturers included a modestly priced travel case (for rod AND reel mounted) But, again, I'ts not a big deal for me to just order one. It come's down to this,,they give YOU the option of what tube/case YOU wish to store it in. Not a bad idea I think.

If they included a simple round rod tube you'd pay 25-40 dollars more for the rod.
Sir, I did not intend to touch a nerve. I meant it as friendly forum speak. I did post an extensive reply to your post but have edited it out as it does not need to be done on this fine forum. I do not choose to have the type of debate on this forum that it would require. I welcome to debate you by PM, if you wish.

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