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Default Re: 14yr old Winston 2wt

Originally Posted by mtngiant View Post
Does anyone know about a 14yr old Winston 2wt fly rod?

How does it perform?
How well is it made?
How much do you think it's worth now?

Any information on this rod would be appreciated plse.

I have access to possibly buying one in the near future but know nothing about it.

Sorry...this should be in the fly rod section....maybe a mod can move it?
I'll give this a shot--

Yes, there are many posters on this forum that know a great deal about 14 year old Winston fly rods, 2 weights included.

It is impossible to know how it performs without knowing the model.

It was very well made.

It is impossible to know how much it is worth without knowing the model and its condition.

You can surely gain information about the rod, but you must let us know what model rod it is. Winston has multiple models of rods.
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