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Default Re: New here from Michigan's U.P.

Originally Posted by flyfishmich View Post
Sault, Check out the Lock View inn and restaurant. right across the Locks visitor center On Fridays they have all you can eat fish and fries. Prepped anyway you like it. Not sure if antlers is still there but just "interesting" atmosphere. Clyde's drive in is without a doubt a great cheese burger. Try the BIG C.

Try an extended weekend with the family
-Mackinac Island/City-just have to do it once
-Harbor Springs-Tom's Mom's Cookies. Oh maaaaaaann.
-Petosky-Papa Lou's Pizza
Traverse City-cool stuff and a big city for you to see. Lake MI is amazing. And that North west corner of Lower Northern MI is where some of the best fly fishing you can be around-lots of pressure but once you find a spot stick with it.

AMAZING small mouth fishing in Grand Traverse Bay. Cast at a big rock and slow strip right next to it-the Smallies take care of the rest.

UP stuff
The Teqxxxxxxxxx Falls
Painted Rocks National shoreline

Stay out of Dafter

Check out the Lumberjack Festival. I have never been but hear its a great time. I think its in Brimley in the fall

Lol... I think I may have given off the wrong impression guys. I have been living in the UP for over four years. I am quite familiar with the area.

It's the water on the Candian side I am looking to get to know. I have heard many rumors about the Algoma region, almost all of it contradictory. Huge brook trout, tiny brook trout. All private water, all open. Fished out, untouched and teeming with fish, etc.

I have fished the St. Mary's Rapids underneath the international Bridge on the Ontario side extensively. It is an awesome salmon and steelhead fishery, but now I want to go beyond and see if I can find the kind of fishing I had in Maine. Good sized, native brook trout in secluded, wild flowing streams and rivers.

By the way flyfishMich, Antler's is still there and open. Albeit under different management.
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