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Default Re: TFO Custom Rod Shop

Originally Posted by petee View Post
With some rods going for close to $1000.00 maybe $550.00 isn't considered "High End" anymore . I wouldn't expect them to get enough custom work to justify letting the rest of the business change.
I understand your initial point, but any rod over $500 is high end to me. I used the term "high-ish end" in a previous post.

Regarding your second point, it's not just about how many custom rods are sold. At this stage, instead of being able to claim their rods are on or near par with higher priced models (as they've done since the company's inception), now they've admitted that their rods have flaws, but they sell them anyway.

Going back to the interviews with Rick Pope that I listened to, he was effusive in his praise of their Korean factory. He has claimed, since they are the only rods built at this factory, that their quality control is as good as any company's.

So why do their blanks need to be selected and "blueprinted" now?

*I really don't know what blueprinting is, so maybe I am missing something*

TFO built their business on word of mouth--not advertising. I'm not sure how that will work when someone says to you "You should try a TFO rod. They're awesome!" Then you do a quick Google search and find out that they reserve their quality blanks for "blueprinting" and fancy cork.

I don't know what I think about this move, nor how it will turn out, but I think it is a significant event in the fly rod industry. TFO used to be adamant that they were trying to grow the sport by providing entry level (and other) fly fisherman a quality product at an affordable price.

What has changed?
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