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Default Re: Worth while to salvage on old, decent blank as a first project?

Thanks for the info. I kind of get it I think

Used an exacto to cut the masking tape where I found in and as pretty much able to peel the pare roll stuff off layer by layer. So far so good.

Used hot tap water and a back of a plastic knife to scrape away the non-water soluable glue away. Went brain dead for a bit near the end and finished up scrubbing the final bits off with a green scrubber thing on the back of a sponge and dawn dish washing liquid. Don't think I did any damage.

Did end up with a really pretty flat grey blank though. Makes me wounder if I should do the whole rod like that. It's a really cool gray and purdee when wet. I think I am down to the raw graphite.

Bottom cork ring is messed up, so that was sliced off

Shopping list:
reel seat
guide set
tip top (which I haven't gone after yet. (guessing boiling water and pull strait)
few extra cork rings
color preserver
some kind of coating / finish.

Am I missing anything?
Anyone know where I can find guide wrapping thred the is two-toned brown/amber (or orange)?
Is there anything wrong with pouring the bushing under the reel seat with say 65a cast-able Urethane? (65a is about the same hardness as big 4 cylinder engine mounts.)
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