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Default Re: Custom Sage Eddie Bauer Limited Edition LL 590-3

Thanks for the replies,

After some research and a few inquiries I have answers to the origin of the rod and some history (as Beartraks has suggested- thanks much): This particular rod, a "Custom Sage LL 590-3 "Eddie Bauer Limited Edition" had it's origin as a blank from the Sage factory and built by Gary Anderson of Anderson Custom Rods, from my knowledge an extremely well respected rod maker. Im sure others will agree.

Gary Anderson has confirmed that the rods origionated from his shop and has offered to give me more history on these rods first chance he gets. He has also offered warranty work as part of his connection to the rod, Sage confirmed warranty of the blank. I am looking forward to connecting with Gary Anderson to hear his insight into the Sage/ACR/Bauer rod and get his thoughts on rarity and what makes these rods special as a "Limited Edition".

Thanks again for the interest.

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